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Office Paint Colors

As home offices move to center stage, homeowners are becoming more focused on decorating them in a style that is as comfortable as it is functional. Our real estate agents can show you a number of great examples in our Waco homes for sale.

Few elements of design affect our frame of mind as intensely as paint color. Elevate your mood throughout your workday and try painting your home office one of these mood-lifting colors.

  1. Cool blues
    Blue does double duty by bringing a sense of tranquility to the room, but it also stimulates your mind. Work that requires calm concentration, such as accounting and tax preparation, benefits from the calmness blue encourages and the productivity it promotes. Blues are soothing and can actually lower blood pressure, a great benefit if the work is stressful. 

  2. Dramatic purples
    Depending upon the tone, purple can bring a different message to the occupant. Darker purples create a feeling of richness and refinement. Lighter tones encourage relaxation. Deep purples should be used sparingly to prevent the room from becoming overly somber. 

  3. Mossy greens
    Green also offers a feeling of peace to a room, but by reducing eye strain, becomes a perfect choice for those faced with long hours and repetitive tasks. Reminiscent of forest botanicals, natural green hues encourage calm efficiency. Considered to be the most restful color, green is also an excellent stress reliever. 

  4. Warm yellows
    Often considered the color of happiness, yellow is conducive to creativity and excitement. This is the perfect environment for writers, designers, engineers, and other innovators. Whether as an accent wall or filling the entire room, yellow shares a breath of sunshine with the occupant. 

  5. Neutral grays
    One of the more contemporary trends in home office decor is gray. It paints a picture of thoughtful deliberation and sophistication, perfect for attorneys and physicians. It works well in a minimalist setting that banishes clutter, or it can make accessories or artwork pop. To add a bit of interest, black accents add depth to the room while maintaining that air of elegance. For a more modern design, metallics bring a bit of excitement to environment, promoting creativity. 

  6. Pristine white
    Creating an illusion of spaciousness, white is the perfect choice for making a small space appear larger. Although it doesn't create a particular mood on its own, it matches every color, allowing you to add rugs and accessories of any color to create the desired mood. White also feels clean and fresh. If the room is inherently dark, white walls will make it feel a little brighter.

  7. Intense reds
    While we often speak of warm colors, this one is actually hot, elevating the energy level of the room and stimulating emotions. Be careful with system overload with this one, as red can actually raise blood pressure and increase heart rate. When you need a space for people to meet and collaborate, red accents can charge a group. As a word of caution, it's generally better to use red as an accent or to attract focus to a particular area so that it doesn't overwhelm the room.

              Whether you are looking for a new home complete with the perfect office space or putting your house on the market, our team can help. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation. 

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